For Educators

Members of the 20th Maine at a school event.

Schoolmarm (Or Master),

Just as you, we want to inspire the next generation of Americans and gift them with the love of history that we have been fortunate enough to be entrusted with. We take a hands-on approach to teaching history which resonates with students of all ages and inclinations.

While our presentations can be customized to fit your goals, there are two common “flavors” that we specialize in.


A presentation in your classroom about the life and times of the Civil War. Depending on the availability of members we will send military and civilian personnel in period costume with appropriate items to illustrate the war. If you wish to have us bring a musket on campus and potentially fire it, there will be a need to be a letter of agreement from your school principal to allow this. Generally, in-classroom presentations run from an hour to two hours. We prefer to present to no more than 60 students at a time.

Outdoor Encampment

Pvt. Dunlap teaching history.

Although more involved, an outdoor encampment is even more effective than our in-classroom sessions, as they allow the students to experience first-hand what garrison and campaign life was like for the soldiers. There may be members of the infantry, artillery and civilian contingent. We will provide a packet of information to guide the building facilitator throughout the process. This packet includes workbook masters, a neighborhood flyer to alert them to the gun noise, sample letters for permission to fire weapons, teacher notes, and a step by step guide to set up the encampment. We will only do full encampments if firing weapons is part of the demonstration.

Closing &c.

If you are interested in a school living history event, please contact us using the information below. We will then discuss prices for the event based on what you desire to have presented.

Commanding Officer

Richard O’Flaherty
Commanding Officer, Richard O’Flaherty
(253) 414-4246